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Sign Documents without Printing or Scanning

Do you have to complete forms or sign documents?

In traditional mode, forms arrive in the post on paper. We pick up a pen, fill in the required boxes, perhaps sign the form, take a photocopy, and post the form back to the sender. Sometimes we pass it onto other people within the firm to complete their sections and perhaps affix their signatures as well.

These days, the forms or documents are more likely to arrive as PDFs.

I observe that many people would print them out, hand complete and sign the documents, and scan them back into PDF before emailing them back to the sender.

Placing a signature on a document
the traditional way can take
anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes …
Using these free packages you can
cut that down to less than 30 seconds.

In this article, I want to tell you about two free PDF software packages – Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Foxit Reader – that allow you to save a lot of time each time you have to do so.

Both packages give you the ability to add text ‘typewriter’-style as well as insert signatures or initials in slightly different ways.

To add text, simply open the PDF document with the software. If the document is not already in PDF form, you need to first convert it into PDF. Therefore, if it is on hard copy, you need to scan it. If it is in say MS Word, etc, then you need to convert it to PDF the normal way you would convert such documents into PDF.

Then select the text tool (in Adobe Acrobat it is called the ‘Add text’ option and in Foxit it is known as the ‘Typewriter’ tool). Click where you wish to insert text and start typing.

Then ‘save’ or ‘save as’ the document and viola, you now have an updated PDF without you having to scan and ready to be emailed out.

To place signatures on the PDF, you first need to add your signature to the software. With both packages, you can either type, draw or import an image of your signature into the program. With Foxit, you can also paste from clipboard.

Once that is done you can simply drag and drop the signature to anywhere on the document. When you save the document, the signature is automatically embedded and you can now attach that document to an email and send it.

You simply drag and drop your signature anywhere you wish

Placing a signature on a document the traditional way can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes each time if you have to print, sign, and then scan. Using these free packages, you can cut that down to less than 30 seconds.

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